本研究室PI 山本浩司によるエッセイが公開されました。


世界思想社のwebマガジン「せかいしそう」に、PR誌『世界思想』50号「歴史」特集号に掲載された本研究室PI 山本浩司の「男性としてジェンダー史をはじめること」が公開されました。ぜひお読みください。

男性としてジェンダー史をはじめること | せかいしそう (

The online magazine of Sekai Shisōsha has recently featured an article by our PI, Koji Yamamoto, titled “Research Gender History as a Man”. This piece was originally published in the 50th issue of the PR magazine Sekai Shisō, a special edition focused on ‘History’.

【開催レポート】国際シンポジウム「Navigating Commodities: Production, Markets, and Consumption in History」


《English version is below》

2023年11月18日から19日にかけて、東京大学本郷キャンパスの小島ホールにて国際シンポジウム「Navigating Commodities: Production, Markets, and Consumption in History」が開催されました。このイベントは、本研究室メンバーの蔡暁林、矢島ショーン、横江良祐および本研究室PI 山本浩司を中心とする主催チームが、東京大学大学院経済学研究科の日本経済国際共同研究センター(CIRJE)Political Economy Tokyo Seminar(PoETS)と共に実施しました。







The international symposium ‘Navigating Commodities: Production, Markets, and Consumption in History’ was held on 18-19 November 2023 at Kojima Hall, Hongo Campus, University of Tokyo. The event was organised by a team led by Lillian Tsai, Sean Yajima, Ryosuke Yokoe, and our PI Koji Yamamoto, together with the Centre for International Research on the Japanese Economy (CIRJE) and the Political Economy Tokyo Seminar (PoETS) of the Graduate School of Economics at the University of Tokyo.

It brought together historians specialising in a range of commodities, from daily necessities such as rice and textiles, to luxuries such as tea and cashew nuts, and modern products such as skin care. Each presentation explored how commodities in different temporal and regional contexts relate to broader questions of power, knowledge, and social change, drawing on a variety of analytical frameworks that included economic and business history, imperial history, global history and medical history.

The organisers received over 160 applications from around the world, and a selection process led to the selection of 15 researchers at various stages of their careers, from PhD students to faculty members, from institutions in Japan, the US, India, Italy, China, Malaysia and Hong Kong. On the first day, Professor Ai Hisano of the University of Tokyo’s Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies gave a keynote lecture on aesthetics and capitalism in contemporary Japan and the United States. The two-day conference brought together excellent research on diverse commodities and provided networking opportunities for future collaborations.

We would like to thank CIRJE and the Mitsubishi Foundation for providing invaluable financial support in the process of organising this symposium. We would also like to express our deepest gratitude to Ms Kimiko Tanaka and Ms Akiko Ishikawa of CIRJE for their logistical support.

For more information on the programme, please click here.

【開催告知】国際シンポジウム「Navigating Commodities: Production, Markets, and Consumption in History」(2023年11月18~19日)


《English version is below》


【日時】 11月18日(土)13:00 -17:30 (17:30 ~レセプション) ー 11月19日(日)10:30 – 17:30  

【場所】東京大学本郷キャンパス 経済学研究科学術交流棟(小島ホール) 2F コンファレンスルーム

【テーマ】Navigating Commodities: Production, Markets, and Consumption in History

【主催】Political Economy Tokyo Seminar (PoETS)




【Inviting In-Person Participants】International symposium ‘Navigating Commodities: Production, Markets, and Consumption in History’ (18-19 November 2023)

We are currently inviting in-person participants for an international symposium hosted by Ryosuke Yokoe, a research fellow of our lab, Sean Yajima, a third-year doctoral student, and Lilian Tsay, a visiting doctoral student.

【Date】 Saturday 18 November, 13:00 – 17:30 (17:30 ~Reception) – Sunday 19 November, 10:30 – 17:30  

【Venue】Kojima Conference Room (2F), Kojima Hall, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo

【Theme】Navigating Commodities: Production, Markets, and Consumption in History

【Organiser】Political Economy Tokyo Seminar (PoETS)

【Co-organiser】 Historians’ Workshop

Symposium details

Registration form



京都大学小俣ラポー 日登美准教授(人文科学研究所)主催のイベント「Stereotypes Revisited」 に本研究室PI が登壇します。


《English version is below》

2023年10月5日の午後、京都大学にて、本研究室PI山本浩司が編集した論文集『Stereotypes and Stereotyping in Early Modern England』についての公開シンポジウムが対面開催されます。西洋史、日本史、東西交流史、そして社会心理学の観点から、学際的に論集の主張を検討する機会となります。詳細は以下の通りです。登録不要となっておりますので、お近くの方はぜひご参加ください。 


【場所】京都大学吉田キャンパス 学術研究支援棟 1階セミナールーム

【テーマ】Stereotypes Revisited

【主催者】小俣ラポー 日登美准教授(京都大学 人文科学研究所)


大平英樹 (名古屋大学 社会心理学)
安平弦司(京都大学 近世オランダ史)
Kjell David Ericson (京都大学 近代日本史)
小俣ラポー 日登美 (京都大学 キリスト教思想史・東西交流史)
Nora Baker (東京大学 18世紀ヨーロッパ史)

※『Stereotypes and Stereotyping in Early Modern England』はオープンアクセスです。こちらのサイトの右側のメニューから全文のダウンロードが可能です。



Kyoto University Event “Stereotypes Revisited” Organised by Associate Professor Hitomi Omata Rappo (Institute for Research in the University) to Feature Koji Yamamoto

On 5 October 2023, a public symposium on Stereotypes and Stereotyping in Early Modern England, a collection edited by our PI Koji Yamamoto, will be held in person at Kyoto University. The event will examine the book’s themes and arguments from an interdisciplinary angle, featuring perspectives from Western history, Japanese history, the history of East-West exchange, and social psychology. Further details are provided below. Registration is not required.

【Date】 5 October, 15:00-18:00

【Venus】1st floor, Research Administration Building, Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University

【Theme】 Stereotypes Revisited

【Organiser 】Associate Professor Hitomi Omata Rappo, Institute for Research in Humanities, Kyoto University


Hideki Ohira (Social Psychology, Nagoya University)
Genji Yasuhira (Early Modern Dutch History, Kyoto University)
Kjell David Ericson (Kyoto University, Modern Japanese History)
Hitomi Omata Rappo (Kyoto University, History of Christian Thought, History of East-West Interaction)
Nora Baker (University of Tokyo, 18th century European History)

*Stereotypes and Stereotyping in Early Modern England is open access. The full text can be downloaded from the menu on the right-hand side of this website.

Announcements at the Hakubi Center, Kyoto University.

Event Poster

本研究室PI 山本浩司のインタビュー記事が公開されました




An interview with our PI Koji Yamamoto is now available.

Our PI, Koji Yamamoto, has been featured in an interview published on esse-sence, an online media platform showcasing researchers and their in-depth interviews drawn from across Japan. See his interview below.

There is no such thing as colourless history. Historical examination of the self-evidentness of the parameters of rationality and irrationality

【参加者募集】第5期英文校閲ワークショップ開催のおしらせ(初回 2023/9/14)


本研究室PI山本浩司が、歴史家ワークショップにて第5期英文校閲ワークショップを開催します。京都大学文学部の安平弦司さんとの共同運営となります。英文校閲ワークショップは、国際ジャーナルに論文を投稿したい歴史学系の研究者を対象に、英語論文執筆にまつわるスキルアップの場を提供するワークショップです。2017年以来4期にわたって開催をし、すでに多くの成果をあげてきました。初回は2023年9月14(木) 15:00-17:00で、事前登録と事前準備が必要となります。詳細はこちらをご覧ください。

【Call for Participants】5th English Proofreading Workshop (First Session on 14 September 2023)

Our PI Koji Yamamoto will hold the 5th English Proofreading Workshop at the Historians’ Workshop. It will be jointly organised with Genji Yasuhira of the Faculty of Letters, Kyoto University. The English Proofreading Workshop provides an opportunity for historians who wish to submit articles to international journals to improve their skills in writing articles in English. The first session will take place on Thursday 14 September 2023, 15:00-17:00, and requires advanced registration and preparation. Click here for more information.

【Call for Papers】 ‘Navigating Commodities: Production, Markets, and Consumption in History’


We at RUBiC are proud to host a two-day international symposium on the history of production, markets and consumption at UTokyo Hongo Campus, 18-19 November 2023. It is led by our lab members, Lillian Tsay, Shaun Yajima and Ryosuke Yokoe, and we are delighted to welcome Prof. Ai Hisano as our plenary speaker. The CfP is open until 28 August 2023, Please find further details here.

「経営グループ 山本研究室他スキルミーティング」


4月 18日 (火曜日)⋅午後4:50~6:35
キーワードの選び方、及びTREE, Web of Science, JSTOR などでの実践方法

Management Group – Research Skills Session for Members and Non-Members of the Yamamoto Research Unit

Tuesday, April 18 ⋅ 4:50-5:35 p.m.
Duration: 45 minutes
Target: Masters students
Location: Face to face
Course content desired:
Covering all aspects of business administration and historical research
Research and keyword selection skills using TREE, Web of Science, JSTOR, etc.